How To Clean A Gun With Household Items : Beginners Guide

cleaning gun with household itemsMany of us own a gun but have difficulty cleaning it up ourselves without a proper cleaning kit. Often we have to take it to the professionals to get a thorough cleaning job done.

But, that at times can be a little expensive. So, what can be done about it?

Well, the easy answer to this question is to clean the gun yourself. There are many cleaning supplies specifically made for guns that come in a gun cleaning kit.

But you can clean your gun with everyday household items.

Don’t know how to clean a gun with household items? We’ll teach you that here. This will be a cheaper alternative than getting the special cleaning solutions for the gun.


Why Do You Need To Clean Your Gun?

You might be a little surprised to know how many people don’t clean their guns. Some don’t know why it is needed, while others don’t have the right knowledge or supplies needed to clean guns.


The need for cleaning guns arises as shooting can be very messy.

You will see debris flying from your barrel in every direction; sometime there might be some gas as well.

In either case, a lot of the debris will be caught inside the gun. That is what you need to clean-out.

If you use your gun frequently in shooting ranges or for hunting, then you will have to clean more frequently than someone who doesn’t use their gun all that much.

Another thing that would determine the frequency of your cleaning is the kind of ammo you use.

For example, if the ammo you use has a tendency to build up over itself, then you should clean after each time you use your gun.

That doesn’t mean you need to clean the gun every time you fire a shot.

The part that requires the most cleaning is the barrel itself, where the debris settles, but along with that, you should clean the rest of the parts too especially, if you happen to have a scope.

The debris will block your view and take away from your hunting experience.


When working with guns, you have to be mindful of your safety and the safety of those around you.

A dirty gun has a high probability of having a malfunction. You do not want any accident to occur when you are out having fun.


The last reason why you should be cleaning your guns is so that they last for a long time. In a hot climate, the particles left inside the barrel for a long period might lead to rusting.

If the gun catches rust, it will not perform the way it previously did. Along with that, you will have to dispose of it soon and buy another one.

Cleaning it properly will extend its life for many years.


Household Items You Need

For the best cleaning job, you essentially just need 5 items. All of these are usually available in everyone’s house; if you don’t happen to have them, then that’s fine too.

Because they are pretty much available everywhere and are pretty cheap, you won’t have to spend a lot of money purchasing the items.

  • Kerosene

This is a type of oil people tend to use for a number of different tasks. We often use it for different parts of the car.

Sometimes when our doors start creaking, we put this on the hinges to take care of it. And many times it is used for cleaning as well.

It is great for cleaning because of the thick consistency; you should be able to get anything off with the help of kerosene. And this is something you are more likely to find at your home.

  • Transmission Oil

The next item on our list is transmission oil. The texture is very much like kerosene but a little thicker, which is why it is often used as a lubricant while working with different car parts.

If you don’t happen to have this at home, don’t worry, as many people don’t. You can get it from a hardware store. They are commonly available and cheap. It won’t break your bank.

  • Spirits

The oils can be pretty thick and hard to remove from your gun once the cleaning job is done.

This is when the spirit is needed. Its job is to remove the oil from to barrel so that the oils don’t cause any disruptions or start building upon itself every time you clean your gun.

Usually, people have this at home, if you don’t that is fine as well. You can get this everywhere at a very little price.

  • Cloth

A soft cloth would be best. The cloth is going to insert the cleaning products into the barrel and clean it.

Make sure you use a big enough cloth so you can pull it out easily.

  • Rod

You don’t necessarily need a rod, but a long rod-like structure is needed so that you can push to cloth into the barrel and twist it around for cleaning.


How To Clean A Gun With Household Items

Here’s the gun cleaning process for you.

Step 1: Disassemble the gun

Gun parts after complete cleaningBefore you start cleaning the gun, it is very important to make sure you disassemble it.

While cleaning, your fingers might go to different parts, and you do not want the gun to go off on you. Make sure it is not loaded; take out all the bullets.

You are also supposed to take the gun apart when you are thoroughly cleaning the gun.

This will make cleaning the gun much easier, and you will also be safe from any type of accident.

Step 2: Clean the outside

Take the kerosene and transmission oil mixture on a piece of cloth and run the surface of the gun.

You need to clean the outside as well as the insides. Make sure you are in a room with proper ventilation as the smell of the mixture might make you nauseous.

Step 3: Clean the barrel

Just as you had put the mixture on a piece of cloth and cleaned, you will do the same here as well. But the only difference, in this case, is you will need the help of a rod to insert the cloth into the barrel. Twist it around properly, but to not push too hard. Exert just enough pressure needed to clean the buildup inside.

Step 4: Repeat

Switch out the cloth you put inside and then repeat the same process. This is done to make sure you are getting all the gunk out of the barrel

Step 5: Clean with Q-tip

Guns usually have a lot of corners that the cloth might not be able to get into; that is where you will need the Q-tip. You should get rid of all the dirt with this.

Step 6: Wipe away with the spirit

The last thing you have left to do is wipe the whole thing inside and out with spirit to remove the oil. Without this, the thick oil mixture will stay on and cause problems.


Final Words

There you have it; now you know how to clean a gun with household items. As long as you follow the steps, your gun should look brand new after every time you clean it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to