5 Best Gun Cleaning Patches in 2021

gun cleaning patches

Using guns comes with a load of responsibilities, one of which is keeping them clean.

An unclean gun can result in a lack of accuracy, poor firing and can also turn into a safety hazard.

While many resort to conventional wiping techniques, there are now specific materials for cleaning guns, called patches.

Patches are made of absorbent material that allows quick cleaning, efficient drying, and removal of grime and foul from the outside and inside.

To help you find the best gun cleaning patches, we will review the top 5 brands of patches, giving you a brief overview of each.


Top 5 Gun Cleaning Patches Review

So it is time for the much-awaited reviews. In this section, we shall review the top 5 gun cleaning patches and provide you with an informative yet brief overview of each.

We will also provide a list of their pros and cons so that you can make the best possible investment based on your requirements.

1. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaning Patches: Our Best Pick

hoppes no 9 gun cleaning patchesHoppe’s has been delivering on their promise of quality since 1903. With their advanced gun cleaning reagents and patches, you will not be disappointed in investing in their No.9 gun cleaning patch.

Made of 100% cotton, the patches are woven and crafted to ultimate perfection. They have also been tested to be highly absorbent and can clean up liquids that may otherwise stain the gun.

To make things better, the patches come precut and sized to suitable dimensions. You do not have to waste time deciding which dimensions to cut them into, simply open the package and begin using.

If you are a person who likes buying in stock, then you are once again in luck with this product. You will receive a total of 500 identical patches.

This means you do not have to run to the store after a few cleaning sessions. If you own multiple guns, then this product will cover them all.

These patches have been specially designed for the .38-.45 caliber. The gauge range is from .410-.420. If you own firearms within this range, you will be able to make the most out of this product.


  • 500 pieces in a set
  • High absorbent for liquids
  • Comes pre-sized
  • Made of high-quality cotton


  • Cotton fibers can be left behind if not cleaned properly.


2. Otis Technologies FG-919-100

otis technologies fg 919 Otis Technologies brings you their FG-919-100 cleaning patches, suitable for all types of guns.

Made of premium quality cotton throughout, they offer a level of absorptivity for different types of solvents and lubricants.

Many gun users complain about not getting a full 360-degree reach while cleaning their firearm, which results in dirt accumulating in certain hard to reach places.

However, this product fully circumvents that issue. It can be rolled into a swab that is circular in shape. Using the swab, you can reach all the way to the hardest to get places and give those areas a thorough cleaning.

You further have the option of buying this product in packages of different counts, depending on your needs. With patch counts of 100, 1000, and a massive 10000, you can practically cover all your needs with a single package.

For people who are short on time or on a tight schedule, the patches in this product come pre-sized and neatly cut to specific dimensions, designed to provide easy cleaning.

One final point to note about this product is that it works particularly well with firearms starting from 0.25 caliber and upwards.

While this does not imply it is unsuitable for firearms outside this range, but it will definitely provide the best performance when used within the recommended limits.


  • Provides full 360-degree cleaning
  • Comes in packs of 3 different sizes
  • Does not get stuck in the barrel
  • Can be used with cleaning solvents to achieve optimum effect.


  • Comes loose in a bag, and not sealed in a can.


3. Outers 42380 All Sizes Cotton Bulk Bagged Patches

outers 42380 all sizes cotton patchesOuters brings you their best all size cotton patches, made specially to clean your gun to the best possible degree.

The patches themselves are made of high quality, recyclable cotton. The cotton has great absorbent qualities and will clean grime as well as oil spills.

They have been cut and pre-sized to ensure that you do not have to spend even a minute of your time assembling them into fixed dimensions of 7 x 3.5 x 2 inches. Once you buy the package, it is suitable to use.

The product comes in a large bag and has a total count of 200 patches. That should be more than enough to last you a month at the very least and will save you multiple trips to the store.

A resealable bag offers the highest level of convenience as you can store the patches for a prolonged period of time without them being exposed to moisture.

This product is perfect for hunting rifles and guns, as the patches have been made keeping in mind very specific bore diameters and barrel sizes. When utilized properly, they will offer a good level of efficiency in cleaning.


  • Comes in counts of 200
  • High-quality cotton has been used in construction
  • Highly absorbent to solvents
  • Resealable bag for added convenience


  • A bit of cotton can be left on the gun if not carefully cleaned.


4. Pro-Shot Gun Care Flannel 500 Count Patches

pro shot flannel gun cleaning 500 count patchesA product that has been manufactured in the USA by one of the most elite patch manufacturers, Flannel gun cleaning patches from Pro-Shot, is a cut above the rest.

The fabric is 100% pure, unadulterated cotton. The high and generous thread count of the cotton, when combined with their woven structure, forms a patch that can get rid of the most stubborn stains and messiest spills.

The patches are created to have an unsurpassable level of absorptivity, and their cleaning prowess has made them quite popular worldwide.

When using this product to clean the bore, you will notice that all the grime and dirt will be cleaned off, with virtually no rough contact against the barrel walls.

This is what truly makes this product superior, as its properties have enabled it to minimize abrasions or scratches during use.

Because it is finished on both sides, residues that stick to the barrel walls stand very little chance of staying stuck to the walls once you run a patch through the barrel firmly and thoroughly.

Cut neatly into 3-inch square shapes; the patches are packed compactly and take up very little space in the bag. You will be provided with 500 patches per bag, which is more than adequate for cleaning multiple guns.


  • Made of cotton on both sides
  • No scratches imparted during use
  • Comes in a uniform, compact shape
  • Woven to be sturdy.


  • Not recyclable.


5. Skyline Center Inc. – Gun Cleaning Patches

skyline center inc gun cleaning patchesThe final product on our review list is the 1.75 inch-square gun cleaning patches, straight from the factories of Skyline Center. Made with intricacy and commitment, Skyline Center brings you their top product.

The 1.75-inch patches are all made from the highest quality cotton and shaped into perfect squares, compact, and easy to use.

Because the patches are highly absorbent, they can clean up spills from solvents and oils in less than a few minutes.

For cleaning dirt, grime, and fouling, these patches are an ideal choice. They trap the dirt firmly because of their structure, and with meticulous cleaning, your firearm will look just like the day you first bought it.

One other amazing thing about them is how they are packaged. The large sealable bag they come in is highly durable and protects the cargo inside from exposure to humidity, rain, or chemical spills.

A total count of 1000 ensures that you can use this product for months on end, without having back and forth to the market. If you enjoy buying in bulk, this product provides the most financially and economically viable option.


  • Comes in even square sizes
  • Highly absorbent and durable
  • Well packaged to ensure protection from water and humidity
  • Comes in stocks of 1000.


  • Can be a bit too small for large-sized barrels exceeding 9mm.


What Not to Use When Cleaning Your Guns

Now that you have a pretty solid idea of what to use to clean your gun to the best possible extent, it is prudent to discuss a few things you should not use.

Many people end up using the wrong product to clean their guns, either due to misconceptions, or lack of proper cleaning knowledge.

Using the wrong tools or reagents to clean your gun will surely cause more harm than good and compromise the quality of the gun.

So, without further ado, let us take a quick look into what you should not use.


  • Excess or Expired Oils

This goes without saying that using products that are past their shelf lives is a big no-no.

Oil has a very specific shelf life, after which it loses its efficacy and will no longer provide the desired cleaning or lubricating effect.

Excess oil is just as bad to use as expired oil. Too much oil coagulate, and there lies a chance of oil particles lumping together to block essential port or pathways.

Hence, your gun could end up jammed and will not be able to fire properly or on time. This will result in damage and also become a major safety issue.

  • Abrasive Cleaning Patches

Cleaning patches are generally smooth, and their use does not result in wear or scratches inside the barrel walls.

But poor quality patches can do the opposite and will cause substantial wearing or abrasion to the walls. These patches should never be used as they are knock offs or poorly made.

As a general guideline, buy patches from well known and trusted companies or manufacturers.

  • Water as a Primary Cleaning Reagent

Water can cause irreversible rusting or corrosion on the inside walls of the gun barrel. When cleaning the gun, do not use water only to clean the inside.

There are special solvents made for gun cleaning that should be used instead of water. Buy the ones who can remove dirt or grime to the best possible extent.


What Material is a Good Gun Cleaning Pad Made of?

Cleaning patches must be carefully chosen. Much of the analysis that goes into choosing a cleaning patch is first knowing which material is the best to use.

To help you through this selection process, we are bringing a short list of materials that a patch can be made out of. These materials will provide better and smoother cleaning.

  • Cotton

Cotton is the first choice as cleaning for most types of products and is found locally in over 80 nations around the globe. It has some beneficial properties that make it stand out.

It is highly absorbent and can thus clean up liquids in a matter of minutes. In addition to being good absorbers, cotton is also quite tough. It doesn’t break down easily despite having an amorphous form.

As a cleaning patch, cotton is a top contender on the market and is also quite cheap. So do give it some thought.

  • Wool

While not as popular as cotton, it is also used in many places for different applications.

Wool is light, soft and is also a good absorber of liquids. In fact, it’s molecular structure aids absorption.

However, wool can get caught on the cleaning surface, so it must then be manually removed. Nevertheless, it is a fine choice.

  • Nylon/Polyester

Not as popular as the above two, but it can be used provided that wool and cotton are unavailable. Nylon can be washed easily and be shaped into a cleaning cloth that you can carry around.

Polyester dries quickly and has longevity. Hence, consider these two materials as well.



Taking care of firearms is essential to their efficacy. A poorly kept gun can be hazardous for everyone around it. So don’t put off cleaning for tomorrow; pick from the best Gun cleaning patches we reviewed and get started! After all, it’s your safety, and it should never be compromised.

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