Which Gun Cleaning Kits Should You Buy in 2021 and Beyond? – Covering Your Bases

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Human beings take birth, they get old, and die. We can’t stop the process but delay it to a certain extent.

The same thing is true for our safety equipment. Namely, the guns that we own. We buy a shiny new piece, use it for months, and it gets all grimy and slimy.

Well, that’s if we forget to run (or don’t do) proper maintenance and cleaning sessions.

Make no mistake, firearm maintenance will quickly turn into a headache if you don’t have the proper tools.

Now, buying these tools (i.e. cleaning rods, patches, jags, brushes etc.) one after the other is tiresome, troubling, and it won’t guarantee that you’d get quality tools.

For example, one or more components in our arsenal can turn out to be subpar.

Worried? Don’t be! There’s a solution to all your problems. Some of the popular brands provide everything you need in a neat little package. Our job is to find the best gun cleaning kit and focus on the “Cleaning” part.

That’s where I and my article come in. In this tiny (!) article, I’ll be going over some of the tools that I found beneficial as a gun owner over the years. Namely, you’ll be getting brief reviews of kits that’ll help you in making up your mind confirming the purchase.

I’ve also included a buying guide for all the gun-nerds who’re prepared to go the extra mile and do their own research. Thus, people will find a kit tailored to specific their needs. Without further ado, let’s get to the meaty part of the article, shall we?


Top-Rated Gun Cleaning Kits in the Business

I can understand people hesitating when it comes to spend a few (or a lot of) bucks on just any maintenance kit. People should always be careful when tending to guns of various kinds with these things. Not all cleaners are suitable for every type of guns we own.

That’s why, I did the heavy lifting for you. This little section deals with some of the top firearm cleaner reviews (pistol, shotgun, rifle, or universal) that depict my experiences with the products and the brands in general. I hope you’ll find it beneficial.

1. Otis Technology the Otis Elite: Overall Best

otis technology the otis eliteBuying a different cleaner for each gun you own is a waste of money in my opinion. Why not get a kit that serves all kinds of firearms?

By that I mean, Pistols, Shotguns, and Rifles of different calibers. That’s why I’ve kept Otis Elite at the top of my list. This thing cleans it all for you!

The first thing that caught my eye is the fact that the makers gave us as many as six different memory-flex cables to clean breech to muzzle.

Each of these cables vary in length. To be more specific, you’ll have 8-inch, 12-inch, and 36-inch cables with the kit.

Again, this is done to make sure you can clean different guns (from Pistols to Assault Rifles).

The next thing people will notice is the fact that the kit provides twenty-two different bore cleaning brushes just to help you tackle different bore sizes and diameters.

I don’t know about you but I prefer to disassemble my firearms completely while cleaning. Otis has me covered as well. Let’s go through the tiny components in this kit and what they do just so you can have a clear idea about what to expect when maintaining your pieces.

First up, you’ll get .223 caliber/5.56mm chamber brush to get the debris out of the way from the springs of the pistols and small SMGs. This is super helpful when you don’t want to get your hands dirty in any way, shape or form.

Otis Elite gives you punch pins as well. This is just so people can put in screws and lock nuts at the back of the gun and under the magazine. These come in different sizes to help users in dealing with different screws.

Otis Elite has something for people who wouldn’t mind cleaning the gun casings and the crevices inside the magazines as well. You’ll get small and large obstruction remover tools with the package. These help you get gun powder residue, fouling, and stingy dirt out.

Add AP brush and double-end AP brush along with male and female gun cleaning rods with it and you’re ready to give your firearms a “Thorough” cleaning session. Along with getting the mud out of the system, these tools help you clear debris and free up stuck casings.

Did I mention that there’s a T-handle base included with this cleaning system as well? Of course, you’ll find different T-handles with this system as well. The makers didn’t forget to include a stud just in case someone owns a small caliber ladies’ gun and needs to clean it.

I liked the fact that this kit still had room for lens cloth, lens cleaning solvent, tissue, and a brush. Have one or two sniper rifles lying around your house? It’s time you brought these babies in broad daylight, run some maintenance, and took them hunting.

Last but not the least, I noticed three small vials of lubricants (AKA gun cleaning solvents) inside as well. Otis gave it a fancy name. They call it Bio CLP. These things lubricate gun joints, clean them, and protect sensitive areas from dust or debris.

Oh, these are bio-degradable. Also, these lubricants don’t have harsh odor that’s ever so prevalent with some lubricants.

What I Liked about this Kit

What I Didn’t Like about this Kit

This is essentially a gun cleaning system. You’ll have everything you need for a proper maintenance session.The brush and jag you get with the package can be too long for certain kinds of revolvers. Especially, the .22 caliber ones.
I loved the fact that Otis provided small attachments like a punch pin to help with the locks and knobs inside.The travel bag can be flimsy for the price. You’ll need to open the tactical kit to access your T-Handle. This isn’t organized at all.
Otis Elite comes within a compartmentalized box that keeps every little attachment in order for you to use.Don’t even try to make sense of the instruction manual. It’s printed in a tiny sheet with small letters. You’d better go online to make sense of things.
The cleaning solvents are something you get as extras with the already feature-rich kit of Otis Elite that clean and lubricate.
This thing is made in the USA. Also, Otis offers us a substantial warranty to cover for all the potential damages.


2. Real Avid Gun Boss .223-.224 – Compact, Tactical Cleaning Kit: Best for Pistols

real avid gun boss 223 224 compact tactical cleaning kitYou like your handguns to be in tip-top shape when operating, right?

I mean, you shouldn’t deal with gun powder, goo around the trigger, and a rusty gun chamber when you’re out serving the law or for your personal protection.

People often end up buying a hefty cleaning kit for the job. However, Real Avid Gun boss is an exception. A good one at that too!

This is the best gun cleaning kit when it comes to taking care of your pistols. It’s a compact package (comes with a nifty travel pouch) with organized compartments that fit the accessories well. I, for one, didn’t have trouble with storage options and the weight.

Add to that, this is a rugged piece of furniture to counter fall damages.This thing is weatherproof. I had no problems carrying it this monsoon when the sky cries at its loudest.

Also, I was traveling from Ontario to Vancouver with this one in tow. I found it to be airline-safe. All I can say is, it’s a lightweight package for a hunter who likes to travel.

As far as handling the case is concerned, you’ll find a trigger-system on the carbon at the back. Pull it first before you pull the chain and voila! The cleaning tray will open itself before you. This thing is oil resistant as well. That’s why I found it easy to use solvents with it.

Cleaning it a day’s work as it can be fully washed whenever you need to. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t have asked for a better product than this. I have my reasons which I’ll go in detail.

This little kit makes quick work of your rifles as well. It cleans .220 to .224 caliber rifles along with the 5.56 caliber pistols rather easily. I mean, it’s super obvious from the tagline that you see above. I found as many as seven 33-inch flexible rods in the package.

These rods are steel-coated. The coating grants these things a long lifespan. On top of that, the makers improved the quality of the rods for the better in 2016 and it’s a handy upgrade to have. To my surprise, they even included bronze brushes tailored to your guns chamber.

These brushes have phosphor tips to make sure all the debris comes out in a few back and forth movements.

The next thing you need in your maintenance arsenal is a set of pads to make sure liquid residue from your guns. Real Avid MSF doesn’t disappoint you one bit. They give us as many as five pads for the job.

These pads are made of wool. They ensure maximum coverage whenever I did a bit of “Push and Pull” with them. Gun fouling nicely sticks to the pads.

I don’t know about you but I need variable gun patches to make sure the bores remain clean whenever I’m about to pull the trigger. I liked the fact that Real Avid comes with as many as 50 patches ranging from 1.5 inches to 3 inches in diameter. This serves a lot of gun types.

Real Avid follows the norms of a gun cleaning system quite well. It gives you brushes to make sure your gun chambers are well-maintained. Make no mistake, it’s a universal gun cleaning kit. That’s why you’ll find bolt brushes included in the package as well. Handy, isn’t it?

What I Liked about this Kit

What I Didn’t Like about this Kit

I’m in love with the package. It’s easy to clean and maintain. It’s weatherproofed too.The coating on the rod can be problematic as it leaves residue inside gun barrels.
The rods you get with the package are actually helpful when cleaning pistols, shotguns, and rifles with different sizes.You’ll need to buy cotton swabs to clean your guns that don’t come with the package. Be sure to buy it
The pads are actually helpful when you’re cleaning the crevices of your bores.
I liked the fact that these guys give you pins to unscrew tiny parts of your guns.
This kit handles your rifles (AR and Sniper) as well. And with ease.


3. GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit: Best Universal Cleaning kit

gloryfire universla gun cleaning kitIf you’re on the hunt for a Universal gun cleaning kit, there’s no way of neglecting GloryFire in any way. This thing can handle pistols, rifles, and shotguns with equal efficiency.

What I liked about this package is you’ll get cotton swabs that are missing from my earlier candidate.

Not only that, you’ll have two steel picks to go with four plastic ones. These will help people in getting patches, pads, and brushes into toughest of corners of their guns.

I don’t need them that often to be honest. These are for people who’re extra careful about their pieces.

Let’s get to the rods at this point. GloryFire competes well with Otis Elite and Real Avid by giving bras-reinforced rods. The makers divided these rods in two distinct categories. You’ll have three rods to take care of .30 caliber rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders and pistols.

That’s not it! You’ll find three more for cleaning .17 to .270 caliber rifles. This is versatility at its very best according to me.

For me, three muzzle guards and three adapters are welcome additions. Muzzle guards do exactly what it sounds like. They hold the muzzles in place while you clean them.

With the adapters, you can pair external accessories together for an immersive (I can’t believe I’m saying this) cleaning experience.

Three brass brushes will made your day easier as they can get through your guns without you having to jostle with them too much.

This kit offer you flexibility by getting you 14 different wire brushes if you don’t want to reach deep into the bore or the barrel by hand. Add to the fact that you’ll have cotton mops (9 of them) to clean the leftover debris without ever touching the gun’s surface.

This is not the half of the reasons why I’m so psyched up about the product. If I get into details, I enjoyed working with slotted patch loops. I got four of them.

Just attach these things on the rods and you can attach pads or patches at the other end. These things work to extend your reach.

With all these things, you’d hardly notice the need for jags. That doesn’t mean GloryFire didn’t put them in there.

In fact, they gave us 13 “Spear-Pointed” jags to make sure you clean the thin areas with precision without skipping a beat.

To round it all up, you’ll find four polishing cloth with different textures to wipe the liquid off from your firearms. The wiping cloths won’t make parts of your firearms sticky.

Would I recommend this to someone? Yes, I would with great pleasure.

What I Liked about this KitWhat I Didn’t Like about this Kit
The flexible brass rods do a wonderful job in cleaning your bores and gun chambers.Remember, I spoke of the solvent to be used with this thing? You’ll need to buy it separately.
This is a universal gun cleaning kit which will take care of pistols, shotguns, and rifles
You’d love the number of patches, muzzle guards, patch loops and other attachments.
I like the fact that the guys kept it affordable. It won’t cost you the earth.
The carrying case is another highlight for me, it’s organized and easily cleanable.


4. Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit: Best for Shotgun

allen ultimate weapon cleaning kitStaying on the topic of cleaning all types of guns, let’s turn out gazes to Allen Company’s gun cleaner. This thing is good for standard pistols and rifles.

Where it really shines are the shotguns. The users can clean their 12-gauge, 20-gauge, and .410 bore shotguns.

What I got inside while taking it for a cleaning expedition are some bronze brushes for shotguns.

These are the types to go the long haul (at least a year or two) before you need replacements. These brushes have 27 threads. No specs of dirt will be spared!

Being a Universal kit, this one packs in rifle and pistol cleaning brushes as well. These brushes support pistols and rifles from .22 to .270 calibers.

All these brushes have threads ranging from 8 – 32. For people with .17 caliber pistols, the brush has 8 – 40 threads.

I was happy to get cotton swabs with this product. Believe it or not, these swabs grant you more intimate control over how you clean the stingiest of debris without flinching. I’ve found these swabs especially useful for 9mm pistols and .357 rifles they’re of 8 – 32 threads.

As far as the rods go, they’re a bit small. I noticed three rods in the package all in all. You get 4mm to 6mm rods.

They’re good at their jobs. Yet, I’ve seen bigger brass rods in case of Otis Elite or GloryFire for that matter. Don’t worry, the guys give you muzzle guards for these.

My advice would be to buy a brass extension for the rods IF your barrels are more than 24 inches long.

Make sure the rods are coated. Otherwise, they’ll go bad pretty soon. My second advice would be to handle these rods with care. They might break if you don’t.

At this point, I don’t have to tell you that you’ll get cleaning patches, a good cloth, and picks for the tiniest parts of your guns, do I?

You’ll have a cleaning mops included in a nifty box as well. These things help you go the distance whenever you’re fine tuning your firearms.

All in all, it’s a 65-piece kit that works well (with a few minor tweaks) with most of your firearms.

Of course, you’d need a large enough storage case to keep everything in order. This looks like an ordinary tool box but it’s very comfy when you operate it.

However, I have a small gripe about the carrying case itself. People will easy mistake it for a toolbox that’s very heavy.

On top of that, you’ll notice a small compartment underneath the top lid. It had some issues with opening and closing the lid to a certain extent.

What I Liked about this KitWhat I Didn’t Like about this Kit
I liked the options you have with the Allen system. You have 65 pieces to work with.I have issues with the carrying case. Some of the zippers are tough to open and close.
The storage case is compartmentalized to fit everything inside. It even has extra spaces to hold tools that you might buy later.You’ll most probably need rod extensions for larger barrels of your high caliber guns.
This tool gives you cleaning jags that help you protect and lubricate your gun with solvents.
The guys at Allen use their own proprietary threads for cleaning. The performance is satisfactory compared to the rivals.
The pads are adept at soaking in various debris without leaving a sticky trail of any kind.


5. FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit: Best for Rifles

firegear gun cleaning toolSpeaking of tool boxes, here’s another one from FIREGEAR that takes care of all guns with equal efficiency.

This is even more organized than the Allen kit I discussed earlier.

So much so that the makers even included two empty bottles for you to fill solvents if you feel like it.

The rods are once again the focal point for the makers. That’s why they provided with three rods that are specifically tailored for rifles.

Specifically speaking, .17 to .270 caliber rifles. Don’t worry, they have another set of three rods for .30 caliber rifles.

These rods are good for handguns and shotguns as well. These are good for cleaning muzzle loaders as well.

What I liked about the rods is the fact that these are made with industry-grade materials and are flexible to boot.

FIREGEAR claim these to be three times stronger than the items you get from the “Others”.

Also, the rod is made of brass (all of the metal used in this kit are). Brass doesn’t damage the steel parts of our firearms. I didn’t find any scratches on the surface.

From what I could make out, the brass they used is processed by CNC. Furthermore, they thickened these rods to ensure that they are sturdy and could withstand harsh treatment.

You get as many as 12 jags with the package. These jags are really well-made. I mean, you’ll not have to deal with cheap plastic. I noticed nylon plastic in the making.

This makes the jags last a year or two before actually giving up. Unlike some of the products I used, these jags won’t break and stay inside your guns barrel to obstruct shooting.

Besides these spear-pointed jags, people will have a specific jag that helps to get all the black powder off from different places of their guns. It’s quite handy for FIREPOWER to consider and add that extra utility to remove things like gun powder residue.

Trust me, I didn’t go into accessory holders or adapters yet. You’ll have as many as three adapters with this package.

Add as many as 14 bronze brushes and fifty cleaning patches with it and we’re secured for at least a year or two. This is what I call a worthy investment.

Last but not the least, you’ll find four patch loops and an equal number of polishing cloths to round things up.

Now, patch loops can be tricky if you don’t know how to operate them. That’s why I’d advise you to read FIREGEAR’s user manual to make sure you’re up to speed.

It’s hard to think that the guys pulled the price down to under $50 even after offering so many bits and pieces. On top of that, you’ll have a two-year warranty at hand if something goes horribly wrong.

What I Liked about this KitWhat I Didn’t Like about this Kit
You’ll have as many as six different gun cleaning rods to take care of all the firearms that you may have.I found empty bottles to hold solvents as advertised. I’d have liked to have a solvent to lubricate the trigger mechanism.
The carrying case looks like a toolbox from outside. It’s pretty durable when put to the test as well.
It’s a universal gun cleaning kit that can take care of rifles, pistols, and shotguns.
I loved the price for the product, you’ll get a lot of patches, brushes, and accessories within $50.
You’ll have a two-year warranty to contend with. These are ample years to work with such a product with a low price.


6. DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Soft Sided Gun Care Case

dac winchester gun care caseIf you want a kit that’s a tad bit better and offers more attachments than that of Allen Company, feel free to try your hands at DAC Winchester.

This little kit offers as much as 68 different pieces at a price of just over $50. Plus, it comes within a soft-sided case to boot.

What’s a “Soft-Sided” case then? Well, the case has cushions in all the right places. The cushion and padding reduce the risk of any kind of fall damage.

Also, accessories including the space for different bottles inside the case can be arranged to individual preferences.

That’s not all! One can remove the pouches and cushions to turn this into a plain pouch. You can even remove the handoliers. Aluminum handle on top makes this pouch easy-to-carry as well.

Make no mistake, this thing is travel-friendly and comfortable to carry around on hunting trips. Washing the box isn’t a hassle either.

As far as the attachments go, you’ll find quite a number of them. I’d start from the rods that these things have.

Believe me or not, you’ll have as many as six cleaning rods in this tiny pouch. These rods are made of brass. Not to mention they are flexible and strong as well.

You get three sets of fifty patches to stick to the end of these rods. Believe me, that’s a lot when you do periodical maintenance of your firearms. You might not need extra patches for a year or two. For an avid gun lover, the patches will last for three to six months.

That is, if you have a range of guns in your arsenal.

Now, when and where are we supposed to use these rods? They’ll serve you well when you’re looking to extend your reach and clean the bores of different guns. In this tiny package, you’ll get rods for .17 to .28 caliber guns and .30 to .54 caliber guns.

Couple the rods with as many as four brass accessory adapters and you’re golden!

These adapters let you pair different accessories with the rods to help you extend your reach. I often paired extensions to help me reach the inside part of the bore of larger rifles.

These things help us users in getting different tools and add-ons to work. To be honest with you, we don’t need that many extra tools to begin with.

These guys even included a cleaning pick into the mix to help us get to crevices that are otherwise hard to reach.

Okay, let’s get to the spear jags. You’ll have as many as thirteen spear-headed jags that can reach the screws and inside part of the mag that we use.

These things are useful in particular when you’re looking to disassemble and clean glock pistols.

As far as the gun cleaning brushes (breech) are concerned, you’ll get two.

Out of which, one is made of nylon and the other is Phosphor. However, this is not the end of it all! DAC Winchester guys packed in three utility cleaning brushes as well.

These are used to clean different parts of our guns and the attachments that we use.

Finally, there are mops as well. Who am I kidding? You expect different types of mops in a cleaning kit. In this case, the item gives you 14 different mops. All these things are made of phosphor and bronze.

What’s so special about these objects? Well, they won’t go bad anytime soon. At the tips of these mops, you’ll find smooth cloths that serve you for years without collecting gunpowder residue and dirt in the process.

Whenever they did in my case, I had to apply solvent or water to clean them off. Believe me, the mops were like brand new again!

What I Liked about this KitWhat I Didn’t Like about this Kit
I liked the fact that the case is soft and can be rearranged if needed. It’s travel-friendly.I’d not advice people to apply too much force on the rods as they might break.
The case has room for (an extra bottle) lubes and gun cleaning solvents as well.If you’re a beginner, the kit isn’t exactly for you as the manual is not that easy to follow
The rods you see in the package can cater to different sizes of guns and pistols.The handle you get for the rods isn’t the traditional T handle that you’re expecting.
Aluminum handle doesn’t add extra weight to the package at all. It’s removable as well.
From my experience, a 68-piece set at a price such as this, is a great deal to have.


7. Wydan Universal Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit, Shotgun Cleaning Kit: Best for 9mm Pistols

wydan universal shotgun cleaning kitI’ve heard reviewers and users say that the best gun cleaning kit should give you a “Premium” feel just by looking at it.

I don’t blame them. Even if it’s a less conspicuous investment, you are putting money into your products. That’s why I decided to go with Wydan.

This is what you call a “Premium” piece of furniture. Looks and functionality go hand in hand with this one. Also, they don’t claim to have everything under the roof.

Yet, this particular kit will serve most of our pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

For example, it’ll take care of .22 caliber rifles to 357 or 9mm pistols with ease. Not only will this kit clean the “Ladies” pistols, this is lady-friendly as well according to the users.

If we go to the specifics, this kit includes as many as five bronze brushes. These brushes are easy to handle and use.

They go in and out in a breeze making it easy on us to clean the debris inside. Trust me, these things clean the stingiest of dirt from tiniest spaces inside.

The bristles you see on these things are made of phosphor as well as bronze. These are durable.

One can extend the reach even further using the cleaning rods (more on these later) as they please. The chart is extremely helpful in telling people the guns it can service.

Wyden gave the users five mops as well. These mops are extremely soft and flexible at the business end.

Thanks to the quality bristles, these things can move swiftly when cleaning the tightest of corners and hard-to-reach spots inside the spring and gun mags.

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room. Namely, the gun cleaning rods that you get with the package.

These things are durable to say the least. The rods can be of different lengths. As far as the numbers go, you’ll get two rods with the package.

The good thing about these sticks (pun intended) is that one can screw one on top of the other to extend the reach when needed.

These rods have a 360-degree swivel tip that works wonders when you want to screw one on top of the other or are custom fitting other accessories.

The handle is what you expect it to be. It’s a T handle. One handle goes with every tool that’s included inside. Just to round things up, every tool is interchangeable when it comes to the connecting parts. This is the feature that gave the tool “Complete” versatility.

Okay, so what about the tips with which we use our cleaning patches and cloths?

As you’d expect, these are durable as well. You’ll have slotted tips. These tips are made of plastic. That’s why people can attach every type of patch or cleaning cloth thanks to the opening.

Before you give me slack about this, the plastic is as usual “Durable.”

Let’s address the most important factor while we have the chance to. Yes, I’m talking about the nifty “Carrying Case” that you get with it. You get the feeling (and it’s right!) just by looking at it that the bag is premium. The “Textured” design makes it durable.

The packages you get have a nifty size of 7.5X6.5 inches. People can store it anywhere they want without batting an eye. Of course, the inside part is compartmentalized. It allows to keep small accessories organized during travels.

What I Liked about this KitWhat I Didn’t Like about this Kit
As universal gun cleaning kits go, this one is compatible with every type of gun there is.Even with two rods, people will get only 10 inches of extension by the looks of things.
The case you get with the kit is compact, it’s organized, and zippered for protection.
You have two pieces of cleaning rods that you can stack on top of each other.
Every little attachment comes with its size engraved on it for better understanding.
One can swivel (to a complete 360-degree) the tools to account for rifling of any kind.


8. Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

hoppe's no.9 gun cleaning kitI’ve purposefully left Hoppe’s kit for last. This is my list of best gun cleaning kits after all. With this one at the helm, you’d get “Everything” (and I do mean, everything) under one roof packed in a lovely wooden box.

Now, this wooden box is special in so many ways. You have a textured box that’s hardened. Even the finger joints you see on the box, are strong.

They can easily hold the weight of the lid. Being a wooden box, Hoppe’s lid is itself quite heavy. That’s a quality box for you!

The first thing I noticed is it has lubricating oil (not just the bottle). This thing sits in the middle when you consider consistency. It’s not too thick, neither too thin for my preference.

When I poured it down the barrel of my rifle, it went in without sticking to the surface.

On the other hand, I was able to clear out the debris within a short time without issues of any kind. The best part is, Hoppe’s sells the solvent separately as well.

Now, if you want something a bit more potent, go for the bore cleaner that Hoppe’s gives you.

One has to buy this separately, of course. The best thing about the liquid is the fact that it disposes of metal fouling, rust, and gunpowder with equal efficiency and fast.

This is concentrated liquid. It can and most probably will damage your skin. That’s why the makers made the cap child protected. Don’t worry, it won’t be very easy to uncap the lid for kids and adults alike.

There’s a cleaning cloth made of silicon as well. I felt the cloth in my hand. I could make out tiny textured elements on it.

Hence, it felt grainy. This type of cloth is necessary if you’re looking to wipe the gunpowder residue, dirt, and the black goo that occupies the bores.

Now, let’s get to the things that actually make this kit one of the best gun cleaning kits around. First off, you’ll have the rod. Yes, there’s just the one brass rod divided into three pieces. I had the freedom to work with just the one or all three pieces if I wanted to.

I could stack these pieces one on top of the other to extend their reach as well. Just to make the rod a bit easier to work with, it included a swivel handle with a ball bearing. It makes setting the rods up easier and more comfortable on your wrists.

When it comes to cleaning brushes, you’ll have five to work with. The brushes use phosphor and are bronze in color.

These things are quite stout. They are able to take out the stingiest of dirt inside. These brushes are most effective if you’re dealing with lead in particular.

You’ll love the fact that these brushes are good fits for .22 and .30 caliber rifles. They work well with 12 to 20-gauge shotguns and .38 caliber pistols as well.

Talk about being versatile, Hoppe’s added as many as four slotted tips to go with the rod that I mentioned a while back. These tips are of different sizes.

Naturally, they’re designed to go well with different sizes of patches. Thanks to the slot-size, users can stick the patches without the fear of them falling off mid-session.

It has a free guide on gun maintenance for people who’re just now finding their feet with firearms and their maintenance. Truly, they don’t leave you high and dry. Especially, when you don’t have that much experience.

What I Liked about this KitWhat I Didn’t Like about this Kit
I’m a fan of the wooden case you get the whole package in, it’s classy to look at.I’ve seen users complain about the plastic tips being cheap and poorly made.
Although you get just the one rod with the package, it’s well-made and functioning.Personally, I’d have liked a “Carrying Handle” on top of the wooden box.
The gun lubricant is a nice addition to the mix, you get premium liquid at a low price.
Hoppe’s gives you the option to buy complementary products like snake bore cleaner, Lead cleaner, and Gun Medic.
At a price under $50, this is by far the best product in terms of accessories and performance.


The Factors that Prompted Me to Go for These Products

If you’ve been closely following my list, you have seen that it’s got a good mixture of famous; and not-so-famous products.

There’s a reason for that. Several, actually. I don’t usually go after shiny fruits, big brands, and glossy products that serve little to no purpose.

My style is a bit more sensical where I analyze different features and their benefits when it comes to selecting products for my gun cleaning kit reviews.

I was able to discern quite a few factors that actually can make or break your deal if you’re not careful enough.

Let me tell you about the things that I kept in mind while selecting these tools.

I Got a Fix on My Type

Whenever you’ll jump into the pool (metaphor, guys) to get yourselves one or more maintenance kits, you’ll have to make tough choices. You’ll need to get a fix on what type of guns you’re cleaning and the caliber size.

As you can guess, there are kits for each gun type.

Naturally, you’ll find kits that cater to pistols. Shotgun cleaning kits are also quite available. Rifle maintenance kits are a common sight as well.

Choose which variant you want. Be mindful of the fact that a shotgun kit won’t work with pistols or rifles.

However, you’ll find “Universal Cleaning Kits” as well. Take my advice: Go for these. These kits are great for every firearm that you commonly do maintenance for.

Accessory Count is Actually Important

Whenever you’re buying a product, take a peek inside or at least look at the chart that the people provide.

You’ll be able to see what accessories you’ll get and what you won’t. Accessories are important when you’re planning to handle a wide number of firearms.

These things are always handy when people want to take care of the difficult parts, nooks, and crannies without twisting the locks or different screws too much.

What I do is count. Take it as you would but counting never betrays you when you’re trying to get a fix on the number of attachments or adapters you’re getting. For me, the more the merrier.

I’d always prefer the brand and the product of said brand that offers the most pieces comparing any other rival that I might consider.Of course, a kit with 68 pieces is generally worth more than one with 50. I’d not mind paying the money if it swiftly gets the job done.

I Checked for the Rods as Well

Cleaning rods are important when it comes to these kits. Always take a look at how many you’re getting.

Maximum kits offer you 3 to 6 rods. However, you’ll find renowned brands like Hoppe’s that offer only one. Generally, these rods have designated sizes for each gun.

If I were you, I’d have gone for the kit that offers me multiple rods which fit into different kinds of firearms.

Oh, I didn’t tell you? You won’t get one rod that fits all.

Well, if the cleaning tool offers one where you can assemble and disassemble the rod to your liking, (like Hoppe’s does) then it’s a different issue entirely. These rods have a knob (that you need to check if works correctly or not) which goes into another tiny hole.

While checking for quality cleaning rods, I check their handles as well.

No matter what one says, the handle needs to be comfortable and easy to hold. Always check the fact if you can swivel the handle up to a 360-degree radius or not.

This way, different parts of the rods will join perfectly without leaving any gaps in between.

Is There Any Lubricant/Solvent in the Mix? – I Peeked!

All of us often find stingy dirt, lead residue, black goo, and gunpowder clogging gun triggers, the barrel, mag chamber, and so on.

In these cases, lubricants and solvents prove to be lifesavers. These things help in melting said debris to a degree where we can get them out.

Just to put it out there: Lubes or lubricants and solvents aren’t the same things.

Lubricant is used like an oil to make sure the cogs of our guns work as they should. Solvents often dissolve the carbon buildup before you can take it out using patches or brushes.

To be perfectly honest with you guys, many of the kits you’ll find… don’t offer an extra lubricant with the product.

The most they do is to offer us one or two containers to keep the liquid inside. Yes, we CAN buy them separately from the same brand.

My advice to you would be to delve deeper and search for a brand (like I did) that actually offers complementary solvent with it. Do it and you’ll actually find some brands that offer lubricants (cue: Look at my list).

People will even find different variants of the lube. For example, Hoppe’s has three. One is used for clearing normal specs of dirt, the other is meant for cleaning the bore, and the last one gets rid of lead residue for us. I selected the one I needed and you should too.

I Looked for Adequate Brushes in the Kit

I don’t know about you but homemade napkins didn’t do much when cleaning my firearms. They’re not meant to go into the intricate crevices of our guns and get the dirt out.

The solution? You’ll need cleaning brushes and mops tailored to your guns for the job.

Whenever your peeking inside of a cleaning tool for brushes, remember to look for two types.

One is meant for “Bore Cleaning.” These are bronze brushes and they take care of the heavy carbon buildup that happens every two or three months.

I like the fact that the bristles are quite strong in this case. These bristles penetrate deep in the bore and take out the hard-to-get carbon ever so easily without users breaking any sweat.

Generally, it takes me five minutes to get the carbon out with my Wydan brush.

Oh, you’ll find multiple bore brushes in a kit. Each of them is designed to take on firearms (pistols, shotguns, and rifles) of different caliber. Judge your caliber before you run a check.

The next variant we’re looking for is the “Nylon” brushes. Honestly speaking, not a lot of gun cleaning kits have these brushes included. You’ll have to scour the earth (pun intended) to find some that do. These are particularly beneficial if you own an antique or a pricy firearm.

I prefer these over normal brushes when I’m cleaning polymer frames. They are gentle to my babies and don’t cause a hassle when taking the trash out.

To put it simply, nylon doesn’t put a strain or scratches on polymer and wooden frame when getting the dirt out.

Now, you’ll find some cleaning tool sets offering things akin to toothbrushes. Who am I kidding? These are toothbrushes! Some of them even have bristles on each end. These are great when you’re cleaning pistols and rifles with a lot of nooks and crannies.

Is It a Cleaning Patch Holder or a Jag? Choose One (or Both)

No, I’m not talking about getting a mini Mick Jager to clean your piece. Although, now that I think about it… That’d be nice! Well, getting back to the topic, cleaning jags are basically extensions that hold cloths and patches and clean the leftover solvent or oil from the gun.

I found jags made of three materials in particular when researching for this piece.

Apparently, they can be made of plastic, nickel, and brass. Plastic is a big no-no for me. Nickel gets corroded easily. I’d go for Brass-made ones any time of the day, any day of the week.

Don’t like jags? Not to worry, there’s a way out! People can always go for slotted patch holders when maintaining firearms.

Remember the cleaning patches we talked about earlier? With patch holders, the users need to insert the patches and wrap them around.

As a result, the patches will fit tightly. Now, this might be something of a task when you compare it to setting up jags. With jags, we just need to pierce the patches and stick them to one end. These are more common in low-end, budget gun cleaning kits.

Quality of the Carrying Case Matters

Let’s say, you’ve gathered every piece of equipment you need to run a number on your gun (or guns). Where will you be keeping these things? I’m guessing a bag. Or a portable pouch, perhaps? Luckily for us, the makers often provide us with options to store them.

You’ll find a traditional toolbox type (with Allen kit), a wooden box (from Hoppe’s), and a “Soft Sided” case from Winchester. They got you covered. This is not my point.

My point is: People need to make sure the case is well-made and durable. It should negate the damages your kit will inevitably suffer from traveling.

That’s assuming you get a travel-friendly box at hand. Also, these things should be weather-resistant to some degree.

Some cases (like the soft-sided case from Winchester) can be picked apart and rearranged to your preference.

You just need to unzip it, take out the compartment(s) and put them back together in any order or pattern you like. It’s up to you!

Products from my list aren’t the end of the world. You’ll find numerous sets of tools with attractive, portable, arranged, and well-made cases. One just has to look hard enough.

Let’s Put a Pen in the Discussion

If you’ve read my humongous guide on gun cleaning kits till now, power to you my friends! It’s taken my countless hours of research to get to this point where I can recommend my favorite tools to my readers.

Now, I get the fact that there are problems with many tool sets these days.

This is due to poor quality of tools made out of cheap materials. Now, the products you see on the list have been tried and tested by users for many years. They have a reputation to protect.

One can  pick any of these items. However, if it were me, I’d go for Otis.

Well, do let me know about your experience while using these kits in the comments. Did you choose one from the list? Or is it that you went south and ended up with a unknown gem? Let’s make it a fruitful discussion for us all.


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