The 6 Best Bore Snake Kits 2021 : ( For Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols & Revolver)

bore snake cleanerNot cleaning your gun properly could cause permanent damage to your firearm. Any dust or debris that is stuck in your gun can cause a lot of serious problems.

Losing aim, delay in shooting, and wobbly interiors are only a few of the problems that you might face because of a dirty gun.

That is why we recommend that you clean your gun after every use. Cleaning your gun at the end of the day will also do.

But what do you need to clean your gun?

The answer is a bore snake. With the best bore snake, you will be able to get your gun squeaky clean in no time at all.  So, let’s take a look at the top bore gun cleaners for your firearm.

Top 6 Bore Snake Kit Reviews

A simple tool like a bore snake cleaner can sometimes become hard to choose. This is because there are so many options available!

Well, worry, not. We have all the best options in town lined up for you down below. Check them out!

1. Sage & Braker Shotgun & Rifle Boresnake

sage & braker shotgun rifle boresnakeDetachable brushes are quite a nice thing to have at hand. Sometimes bronze brushes can be a bit too rough on your gun’s caliber.

With this bore snake cleaner, you will be able to swap out the bronze brush for a nylon one.

Made with high-quality fabric, this snake won’t give up on you so easily.

You can wash this bore snake as much as you want without any noticeable fraying.

The main reason why this bore snake cleaner from Sage and Braker is on top of our list of because of the quality.

Yes, a bore snake is not an expensive thing to buy. But it can be quite annoying if you have to get one every month or two.

Another advantage that you get with this bore snake is that the caliber is engraved on the weighted brass tip.

This way, you can differentiate which bore snake is for which gun. A small advantage, but trust us, it will save you a lot of time!


  • The Bronze brush is detachable
  • Constructed of high-quality fabric that does not fray
  • Durable and inexpensive
  • Caliber is engraved on the brass tip


  • You might easily lose the detachable bronze brush


2. Ultimate Bore Cleaner for Rifles, Pistols & Shotgun

ultimate bore cleaner for rifles pistols shotgunThis Ultimate Bore cleaner is made with a safe solvent material.

So, no matter how harsh of a cleaner of solvent you use to clean your gun, you won’t notice any damage to the bore snake itself.

This part of the bore snake is also extra-absorbent. Meaning; it will soak up more of the solvent to give you a clean gun in just one scrubbing.

High-absorbent bore snakes will always help you out if you don’t have much time in your hands to give your gun a good cleaning.

For ease of use, this bore snake can be machine washed. No need to spend time scrubbing away grime by hand!

Easy to wash bore snakes such as this one can be reused a thousand times before you need to throw them away.

The structure is lightweight and very petite. You can easily fold the snake into a bundle and carry it to a gun range.

This one won’t create a bulge in your bag or pocket.


  • Can be machine washed
  • Extra-absorbent bore snake that is also solvent safe
  • Folds into a petite structure; travel-friendly
  • Can be used for both cleaning and lubricating


  • The size chart for the barrels is not accurate


3. Hoppe’s Bore Snake Viper for Pistol & Revolver

hoppes bore snake viper for pistol & revolverHoppe’s bore snake will make cleaning your gun easier and quicker for you.

This is a rand that is well known for making bore snakes that do not tear apart into two.

So, when shopping from this brand, you can rest assured that you will get a good product.

The material of this bore is harsh enough to push out all dirt and grime that is stuck inside your gun.

It has a brush that has 50% more cleaning power than any other bore snakes.

But the material is also gentle enough to not scratch the interior and leave your gun damaged.

Wash the bore snake with any kind of detergent or soap you like. It is quite easy to maintain.

The snake also dries pretty fast. So, if needed, you can wash the bore snake during the cleaning process.

A heavy brass weight ensures that the bore snake comes out of the gun easily. There is no possibility of the bore snake getting stuck in the firearm.

You just need to follow three steps; add cleanser, slide snake through gun, and oil to get a gun that is squeaky clean.


  • Fast three-step bore snake that is easy to use
  • 50% more cleaning power than other snakes
  • Not harsh; does not scratch your gun
  • The brass weight is heavy for easy sliding


  • The tail end is a bit thick


4. Real Avid Bore Cleaning System

real avid bore cleaning systemThis 32-inch cleaning snake will clean your gun in a single pass. The great thing about having a cleaning snake that is so long is that it gives you the cleanliness of two scrubbings in just one slide.

The Real avid Bore cleaning system is certainly the best bore snake cleaning kit to get if you want to save time.

An added ergonomic grip makes sure you don’t harm or hurt your fingers when pulling the rope through the gun.

A very handy and well-constructed storage case is added with the purchase. Not only does this case help you locate your cleaning supplies, but it also helps protect the bore snake itself.

When protected in the casing, this bore snake cannot grab on to any clothing, scratch you or get dirty.

You don’t have to worry about untying knots when working with this bore snake cleaner. As it comes neatly packages in the casing, you can just pull out the rope at one go.


  • Long 32 inch bore snake
  • Gives you the cleanliness of two scrubbings in just one slide
  • Added ergonomic grip protects your hands and fingers
  • The handy case that keeps the cleaner free from dirt added with the purchase


  • Packaging with the case is a bit bulky


5. Hoppe’s Boresnake Shotgun Bore Cleaner

hoppes boresnake shotgun bore cleanerThis is our second mention of Hoppes! So you can guess how much we trust and love this brand.

If you haven’t cleaned your gun for a while and need a good scrubbing, this is the cleaner to get.

The fabric of this bore snake cleaner is designed to pull out larger dirt that has had some time to settle into the crevices of your gun.

Made with a sturdy material, this bore snake will not tear or wear so easily.

Throw it in the washer to get it cleaned; no need to use your hands. The material is gentle and soft and does not harm the interior of the gun at all.

This bore snake rope is long and a bit thick. But you can fold it. The rope fits into the barrel of your gun like a charm.

The heavy brass weight at the end of the rope will easily reach the end of the gun.

As the weight is quite heavy, there is not much work you need to do. The rope will do all the cleaning for you as it slides down.


  • Long-lasting
  • Machine-washable
  • Great for cleaning old guns or hard to remove dirt
  • Heavy brass weight makes the cleaning process easier


  • Material is not high-absorbent


6. Hoppe’s Boresnake Soft-Sided Gun Cleaning Kit

hoppes boresnake soft sided gun cleaning kitLooking for a full kit that will solve all your gun cleaning problems? Check this kit out from Hoppe’s!

This kit includes all that you’ll need to clean and prep your gun.

Included in the kit are a lubricating oil, cleaning solution, weather guard cloths, and the cleaning rope.

All this comes in a case. Unlike others, this case is compact and very lightweight.

You can attach the case with a belt of a toolbox and carry it around with you.

The cleaning snake rope itself is made of a material that slides down your firearm quite smoothly. You won’t have to pull too hard.

But this does not mean that you’re not getting a good cleaning.

Although the bore snake might seem quite gentle, it can get out grime from every corner of your gun.

Tried and tested, this bore snake cleaning kit will clean out even the toughest of stains from the oldest most neglected guns.

The solution that comes with the kit can penetrate the dirt and break it down. So, removing it becomes easier.


  • The included case that attaches to a belt
  • Includes lubricant, rope, cleaner, and weather guard cloth
  • No need to pull too strongly
  • Fabric can be washed multiple times and dries easily


  • The case is not built with cheap plastic


Things to Look for Before Buying a Bore Cleaning Rope

As this is a fairly simple cleaning tool, there isn’t much you need to worry about when buying one.

But, if you know a little extra information about a bore cleaning snake, you will be able to make a better choice. Here are a few factors that you should keep in mind when purchasing a bore cleaning snake.

Caliber Size

If you get a snake that is too thick for your gun, the rope won’t pass through. On the other hand, if you get a rope that is too thin, it won’t clean anything. So, you need to get your hand on the perfect thickness.

A great way to do this is to check your caliber size. A lot of websites allow you to enter the caliber of your gun so that you can get yourself the right bore snake cleaner kit. Otherwise, you can just match the thickness with the caliber of your weapon.

Brass Weight

If the bore snake that you have bought comes with a brass weight that has the caliber engraved on it, you have lucked out. This is a great advantage, especially if you own more than one gun.

Sometimes, the wrong sized bore snake can get stuck in a gun. So if the brass weight has the caliber imprinted on it, you can be sure about which gun it is for and avoid that mistake.

The brass weight also needs to be heavy enough to go through to the other end without any struggle. The heavier the weight, the better and easier the cleaning process.

Ability to Absorb Cleaner

One section of the cleaning snake is made of a thicker material. This part is supposed to be absorbent. The more absorbent, the better. You can get a good amount of cleaner soaked into the rope.

So, you won’t have to clean the same gun more than once. Dirt will come out faster.

This thick part is also responsible for cleaning your gun. Meaning; the surface is made of a material that takes in the cleanser and helps push out dirt as well.

Copper Brush

Now you can get bore snakes that come with two kinds of scrubbers. This makes sure that you get a thorough cleaning.

The copper brush on the ripe should be rough but not to a point where it will scratch the interior of your gun. We want to clean the gun, not scrape it.


How to Use a Bore Snake

If you want your gun to be free of dust and dirt, you need to clean it properly.

If you don’t follow the proper steps, you could go at it for hours without seeing any result. Here is how you can clean your gun using a bore snake and get the best results in three easy steps.

Step 1: Open Gun Chamber

Firstly, you must get rid of any ammunition that might remain in your gun. If you have a semi-automatic gun, try and drop out of the magazine. Then if you pull the slide back, any remaining ammunition will drop out of the chamber.

This is a crucial step. If you’ve been shooting for long hours, you might forget whether or not you have any ammunition in the chamber of your gun. So, before you start scrubbing, you need to check and empty the gun.

With a semi-automatic handgun, you can slide back the magazine inside. With any other kind of gun, you can leave them open.

Make sure to turn on the safety feature if your firearm has any.

Step 2: Spray the Cleaner

Spray any cleaner of your choice on to bore cleaner. Allow the bore snake to absorb the cleaner for a while.

Step 3: Start Cleaning!

After you’ve let the bore snake absorb the cleaner for a bit, take the bore snake and feed it into the gun.

To do this, feed the weighted part of the bore snake into the chamber of the gun. The weight will pull the rope down into the muzzle.

Once the rope is out of the nozzle, pull it slowly in a straight and steady motion.

You should feel the scrub and mop part of the bore snake gently scraping all the dirt away. No matter what, this scrubbing portion of the rope should not scratch the exterior of your gun.

Repeat the process if needed. Typically just one swipe of the rope will get your gun clean.


Benefits of Using a Bore Snake

We can all agree that cleaning your gun is a vital part of owning firearms.

Guns that have dirt in them do not perform well and can cause accidents as well. So, we’re sure we don’t need to go over why you need to keep your guns clean.

Saves You Time

In the old days, cleaning your gun would take a lot of time. Usually, you would have to spend hours in the garage opening up your gun part by part and cleaning it thoroughly with a brush or cloth. Then you would have to re-assemble it well.

Now, time is money. We don’t have that much time to spend on cleaning our guns! This is where the bore snake cleaner comes into play.

A bore snake cleaner has a slim design that can slide into the chamber of your gun easily. No need to take your gun apart. The texture of the rope is a bit like a soft scrubber. So when you’re pulling the rope through the chamber, you’re cleaning the insides of your gun.

You can use a cleaner of your choice. Once you are done cleaning. Use the same rope to oil the gun.


These snakes are quite durable. The ropes do not fray so easily. If they get too dirty, just throw them into the washing machine and let them dry.

Although a bore cleaning snake gives you quite a thorough cleansing, we still advise that you open up your gun once a month or two. This way, you will be able to inspect any underlying issues that the firearm might have. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.



With the best bore snake cleaner in your hand, you will be able to get your guns clean in no time.

This process takes only a few minutes but gives you noticeable results. Get yourself a good quality gun cleaning rope, and you too will have a gun that shoots like lightning. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to